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Here at we are always happy to help with any questions our extras may have or questions people may have before they become an extra. We have decided to start a weekly FAQ blog with questions we get asked regularly. Starting this week with all of the general questions we get asked on a day to day basis.


Q – Who are are Ireland’s leading leading directory of film, TV and advert artists, based in the heart of the Irish Film industry with offices in Ardmore Studios, Wicklow & Troy Studios, Limerick.


Q – Can anyone sign up to be an extra?


 We’re literally looking for everyone. People of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicity, looks and experience! We provide training so you don’t need any prior experience in Film & TV – we think everyone should experience life on set! 


Q – Is there a screen test or audition to join?


Generally, there is not one for an extras part. You may be called to audition for parts in adverts or for special extra roles. And if your luck is in there may even be actor roles available which will definitely require auditions.


Q – How does it work? is an online directory of artists for the Film & TV Industry. 

It works in two ways: 1) Casting Service – Production Companies come to us with a brief of what they need, we find and book the people on their behalf. 

2) Casting Access – Over 800 Production Companies & Casting Directors access the directory so they can recruit Extras, Models, Actors & Presenters directly.


Q – What are extras required to do?


You will be directed by the Assistant Director or other staff from the film in relation to where you should go and what you should do during the day.


Q – Do you need experience to be an extra?

No experience is necessary as training is provided. The Assistant Director will expect to explain the role to you. You can also get tips from other extras on the day.


Q – Is there a minimum age to join?


No, but parental consent and parental accompaniment may be required for under 16’s.


Q – How much does it cost? 


The yearly payment includes a photoshoot and headshots for your profile, here are the options. Adult – 1 Year (€89.95).  Adult – 2 Years & save €30 (€149.95). Under 18 – 1 Year (€59.95). FAMILY – 1 Year (€199.95)


Q – Is it full time work?


Work tends to be casual, a day here and a day there – the more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will be able to take up. Some members have even had continuing part time and temporary work from our directory. It may be a month or two before you get a call or it might be the day after you register. It will really depend on what’s in production and who we’re looking for! Some days we might need 100’s of people across several productions, other days it could be less.


Q – Will I be guaranteed work?


Yes, we will guarantee to offer you work on set and if we haven’t after 12 months, we’ll refund your payment.

This only applies to members who are 18 and over, you must meet the criteria outlined in the T&C’s – Click here for the T&C’s.


Q – Is there weekend or evening work?


While there is occasional weekend or evening work, the majority of jobs are during the week


Q – What are the hours like?


A typical shoot day is approximately 11 hours, but some jobs may be as little as one or two hours, and some days the shoot may run over. You must be available for the full day if required.


Q – Is it paid work?


Yes, 99% of opportunities are paid with time on set paying anything from €50 to €150 per day and if you get an advert, it can be up to and over €3,000. The best part is that absolute NO EXPERIENCE is needed as training will be provided! There is also an opt in option for pro-bono work such as student productions, it’s completely optional but can be very rewarding and a genuinely great experience – you never know where that student director could end up! 


Q – Who pays me?


If you are booked by, generally will pay you. If you are booked by another production (such as Byzantium etc), the production company will pay you directly. 

If you are contacted by one of the many companies using our directory, make sure to ask at the time of booking about payment details and who will pay you.


Q – Do you cast acting roles?


The majority of roles we cast are for extras work, but we are frequently asked for actors for television programmes, films and commercials – to increase your chances please ensure that you include all your credits and training on your profile and upload a show reel or clips of your acting work.


Q – How can I increase my chances of getting work?


Having a professional photo will greatly increase your chances – please ensure you come to the Casting Day once a month to get your photos done. They are included in the membership fee.


Q – Is there work outside Dublin?


There is work outside Dublin, many productions need to shoot in locations outside of Dublin and we are often asked to provide extras in counties all across the country. 


Q  – Do I need a car to get to set?


If the location is in a remote area, or the call time/ wrap is before/after public transport then you may need a car. Sometimes production will arrange coaches to collect and drop extras from a central location


Q – I already have head shots. Do I need to get my photos taken at the Casting Day?


If your head shots are of the same quality and meet the requirements then you do not need to take photos at our Casting Day but we highly recommend it.


Q – What is the casting process? How do I know if I’ve been booked for a role?


You will initially receive an availability check and if you respond YES then you will be put forward for the role. This is NOT a confirmation. Once the client has selected you, we will then send you a confirmation text. Unfortunately we cannot text everyone who is unsuccessful, so unless you receive a message to say you are confirmed, you are not booked.


Q – I said yes to an availability check but haven’t heard anything since then. Am I booked?


The client may still be making a selection. You are not booked until you receive a confirmation text. Unfortunately we cannot text everyone who is unsuccessful, so unless you receive a message to say you are confirmed, you are not booked.


Q – When is the next photo shoot?


You can find out when the next photo shoot is by clicking the link below .


Q – Do I have to pay to attend the monthly photo shoot?


If you are a paid member there is no charge to attend. If you wish to register and pay on the day, we accept cash or card.


Q – What should I bring to the photo shoot?


Please wear a casual, everyday outfit as regulars are usually seen in everyday situations. We recommend that you don’t wear and white or striped clothing as our photos are taken against a white background.


Q – What is a self tape and how do I make one?


Sometimes a casting director or client will ask for self-tapes in lieu of or before a casting session in person. It is very important to follow the instructions or they may not consider you. Typically, you will be asked to record the video in LANDSCAPE mode (not portrait) and with a clean background (preferable white or pale). There will also be instructions on how to send the video – usually we ask that you upload it to Vimeo or YouTube

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