First Day on Set as an Extra – Top 5 Tips

You’ve made the decision that you want to become a movie extra and now it’s the night before your first call and you may be a little nervous, don’t worry, check out our top 5 tips for your first day on the set!

  • 1. Read your call time email carefully and follow all instructions!

Being cast as an extra on a production means that you are now part of the team and need to act professional at all times. This includes turning up on time, if not a little earlier, and following all instructions given to you by crew. Check and double check your call time the night before your day of filming and ensure you give yourself enough time to get to the venue, allowing for traffic etc.

  • 2. Be prepared to wait.

Day’s on set can vary in length depending on the production and there is some waiting around between scenes and shoots. We would recommend bringing a book, some work or even a Rubix cube to pass the time.

  • 3. Selfies

You’ve got your make-up done, you’re in costume and on the set of a really cool production, that calls for a selfie right? Wrong! Sets can be very sensitive about what is released to the world. Some production’s don’t even allow phones on set. Never share anything with the world unless you’re specifically told you may.

  • 4. Be professional at all times

Don’t forget a set is a workplace. The crew and talent present are at work. Should you see a famous actor or director do not run up and show your love and admiration for them. You will be tagged as “unprofessional” and may not work on that set ever again. In regards to wardrobe stick to what you have been briefed on, don’t try to stand out from the account. Be nice to everybody on set , you may have a chance to work with these people on another production and you want them to remember you for all the right reasons.

  • 5. …and most importantly…

When filming starts, do not look at the camera, ever. Not even a quick glance no matter how tempting it may seem.

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