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  • What is a self tape and how do I make one?

    Sometimes a casting director or client will ask for self-tapes in lieu of or before a casting session in person. It is very important to follow the instructions or they may not consider you. Typically, you will be asked to record the video in LANDSCAPE mode (not portrait) and with a clean background (preferable white or pale). There will also be instructions on how to send the video – usually we ask that you upload it to Vimeo or YouTube 

  • What should I bring to the photoshoot?

    Wear clothes that you are comfortable with. Generally smart casual is sufficient. Avoid white or striped clothing as our photos are taken against a white background.

  • Do I have to pay to attend the monthly photoshoot?

    As part of your membership, you may attend one photoshoot to get professional photos taken. You can register and pay for membership at the photoshoot.

  • When is the next photoshoot?

    You can find out when the next photoshoot is by clicking the link below

  • I said yes to an availability check but haven't heard anything since then. Am I booked?

    The client may still be making a selection. You are not booked until you receive a confirmation text. Unfortunately we cannot text everyone who is unsuccessful, so unless you receive a message to say you are confirmed, you are not booked 

  • Accounts

  • Who do I contact about my pay?

    If the above information has not answered your query, please email

  • I am being taxed incorrectly or on emergency tax.

    To claim tax and USC back and to avoid further emergency tax you will need to ask your tax office to send us both Tax and USC credits or exemptions for you.  They can send them to Crew, Cast & Performers Ltd, T/A, Employers Reg. no is 3280809AH.  Once we receive these details any overpayment of tax and USC will be refunded in your next payment from us.

  • What tax system does operate?

    We operate tax on the emergency tax system so a member with a PPS number is not charged tax on work weeks 1-4 on earnings up to €160; Tax is charged at 20% on week’s 5-8 on all earnings and is charged at 40% on all earnings from week 9 onwards.  

  • Am I taxed on my pay?

    You are payed through the PAYE system, so you will be taxed according to your personal situation.

  • How do I cancel automatic renewal?

    You will receive an email 10 days before to notify you, if you want to cancel, remove your card details from your profile or email

  • Help with our Website

  • I do not want to receive emails or texts, how do I stop this from happening?

    Email and use your member ID as a reference. Though this will result in being not offered any further work.

  • I no longer want to be a member, how do I remove my profile?

    Email and use your member ID as a reference. Though this will result in being not offered any further work.

  • I accidentally said YES/NO to an availability check, how do I change my answer?

    You can log in to your profile and click the ‘Availability Checks’ tab. You can access and modify availability checks that are still open.

  • How do I cancel my account?

    Email and use your member ID as a reference.

  • Why isn't my photo from the photoshoot up yet?

    Photos are normally uploaded 3 weeks after the photoshoot.

  • On Set

  • What if I have to leave set due to an emergency?

    If you need to leave the shoot immediately, speak to the on set contact and explain why.

  • Can I whisper/talk during a scene?

    NO, once the camera is rolling do NOT talk or whisper. if you are in a scene which it looks as if naturally you would be talking (for example sitting at a table in a restaurant), you should mime. You should organise this with the other person before the camera starts rolling.

  • Will there be somewhere secure to leave my personal belongings?

    It is advisable not to bring valuables with you, though generally there will be somewhere secure to leave personal belongings.

  • Can I wear Jewellery?

    This will depend on the film. Check with your Casting Agent when you are being booked.

  • What time will I finish?

    This will depend on the start time and the production schedule. Though most days would be over by 6PM, BUT there have been many times shoots run over until 11PM or even later. So always make sure that you have no other engagements on the day of the shoot, if the shoot runs late, you will be required to stay until it wraps.

  • Training

  • I have completed my training course but my MovieExtras profile has not updated

    Don’t worry, as long as you have completed the online training course you will be taken into consideration for jobs.

  • I have already completed my training course but I have received an email saying otherwise, what can I do?

    Check to make sure you have finished the ‘Completion Quiz’ which can be found at the very end of the training course. This will test your knowledge of the key points covered in the course. Once this test has been passed, a certificate will be issued. If you already completed the training quiz and are still receiving this email, please contact and we will investigate the cause

  • The training course is frozen and I can't complete a section.

    Please check that your internet connection is working correctly. If you are using a mobile device you may experience issues trying to complete the course. Switch to a PC and see if the problem persists. If you are still experiencing technical issues, please email a detailed report of your issue to and we will investigate with our IT Support team.

  • I can't access the online training course on

    The online training course is located on a separate website, the URL is It cannot be accessed via

  • My login details are not working for the training course?

    Your login details for your profile will not work for the training course. You will be given a unique password once your training account is registered, and you will be able to log in using your email address and this unique password. You can change this password after you log in if you wish.

  • Photoshoot

  • What do Non EEA Members need to bring?

    Non EEA members are requested to bring documentation to show their Right to Work in Ireland. More information available here .

  • I am under 16, do I need a parent or guardian to come along?

    YES, your legal guardian or parent must attend and has to bring along government issued photo ID (passport, Drivers License etc).

  • Is there anything I need to bring on the day?

    Yes, it is very important that you bring your passport with you. For minors (under 16) please bring your birth cert or password.

  • What should I wear on the day?

    The photo will be in colour with the background being white, thus you should wear should wear solid colours. Do not wear stripes. Avoid white, as the background is white. If you have long dark hair, avoid black or dark colours. You should aim to look how you normally look. Most importantly try and relax, smile and try to be natural!

  • What will happen on the day?

    You will be greeted by a member of who will ask for your name. You will be given an application form which you need to fill out. Information required is very basic information such as address, height, availability etc.

    Once you have filled in all your details, you need to register at the desk. If you have prepaid, than there is no need to pay, otherwise you can pay by cash / credit card / laser or cheque.

    Our Photographer will take a number of pictures of you with the objective of getting a clear head and shoulders picture and a clear full body length picture (2 pictures).

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