Being an Extra on set.. The Do’s and Don’ts!

We have 100’s of extras out on many different sets each week and we know how daunting it can be as a first time extra. So much so that we decided to put together a simple list of do’s and don’t to get you through your first day on set!

When you get on set you will be looked after by an Assistant Director (AD) or a Crowd Coordinator. Remember this person, because if you have any questions you must address them to this person.

When you arrive on set, the AD will give you a release form (salary voucher) like this. This form signs over your rights to the production company, and protects them from your claiming royalties. This document is used as the basis for the payroll and occasionally, it is used by wardrobe to keep track of costumes and accessories. You will usually need your PPS number for this form. Keep this form with you all day; don’t lose it or you won’t get paid. We recommend that you fill in your name and address when you get this form so if you lose it, you’ll get it back.

The Do's and Don'ts


– DO remember your personal instructions from the crew including ADs, Wardrobe, sound, lighting etc.
– DO clarify any instructions with the AD if you don’t understand them.
– DO understand your own action in relation to the main action for continuity.
– D0 move around quietly, respecting that the production staff need to work without interruption.
– D0 bring a book with you for filling in time while you are waiting around.


  • – DON’T bring cameras, tape recorders, video cameras etc. on set.
    – DON’T interrupt the artists (actors) with autograph requests, advice (or photograph requests if you ignored rule one above). Remember these people are working and it is not always easy.
    – DON’T address questions you may have to any staff member other than the AD in charge of Extras or the crowd coordinator. Other staff need to concentrate and move around without interruption.
    – DON’T smoke on set unless requested to do so as part of the scene.
    – DON’T take unscheduled breaks. Once filming begins, it is not possible to release you off set until the next break. So, please go to bathroom etc. in plenty of time before you are called for set.
    – DON’T bring mobile phones or beepers on set at any time. And no watches that beep/alarm.
    – DON’T bring any valuables on set (including jewellery that cannot be worn).

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