Casting lead and supporting cast members and extras in low budget but ambitious indie production

Posted: 02/06/2022

Deadline: 02/07/2022

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Adventurous and gritty thriller with horror / sci-fi themes now casting a variety of lead and supporting roles.

"A disgraced former detective is brought back out of obscurity to investigate a string of disappearances, after new evidence points in the direction of there being a connection to the occult. Backed up by a small team of young, trigger-happy, fresh-faced rebel cops, he battles his own inner demons as he struggles to adjust to the modern world, while hunting down and closing in on a name from the past... and the source of pure evil."

Extremely low budget production. No payment can be offered. We are asking like minded people to offer their artistic input and collaborate with us on this long-time passion project.

International award winning writer / director with 18 years of professional experience.

Accomplished producer / co-writer with 27 years of professional experience.

Filming in Waterford City and surroundings in July and August 2022.

How to apply

Application for this role has expired.