Who are looking for? 

We're literally looking for everyone!! People of all ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicity, looks and experience!! We provide training so you don't need any prior experience in Film & TV - we think everyone should experience life on set! 


How does work? is an online directory of artists for the Film & TV Industry. It works in two ways!

  1. Casting Service - Production Companies come to us with a brief of what they need, we find and book the people on their behalf!
  2. Casting Access - Over 800 Production Companies & Casting Directors access the directory so they can recruit Extras, Models, Actors & Presenters directly. 


Is it full time work? 

It's not full time, work tends to be casual, a day here and a day there - the more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will be able to take up. Some members have even had continuing part time and temporary work from our directory.

It may be a month or two before you get a call or it might be the day after you register. It will really depend on what's in production and who we're looking for! Some days we might need 100's of people across several productions, other days it could be less.


Will I be guaranteed work?

Yes, we will guarantee to offer you work on set and if we haven't after 12 months, we'll refund your payment.

This only applies to members who are 18 and over, you must meet the criteria outlined in the T&C's - Click here for the T&C's.


What is the feedback from current members?

91% of members would recommend the service to their family and friends.

Is this paid work? 

Yes, 99% of opportunities are paid with time on set paying anything from €50 to €150 per day and if you get an advert, it can be up to and over €3,000. The best part is that absolute NO EXPERIENCE is needed as training will be provided!

There is also an opt in option for pro-bono work such as student productions, it's completely optional but can be very rewarding and a genuinely great experience - you never know where that student director could end up! 

I am under 18, what are my chances of getting work?

There is not as much work for under 18’s as for over 18’s. If you look at any production, you will see that the majority of Extras are adults. We do not promote directly to under 18's because of this (but we do need a certain level of under 18's to ensure that any requirement can be met).

Having said that, we do have lots of our younger members out on set every week but not to the same scale as adult Extras. 

Is just for Extras?

No, the site can be accessed by production companies to search for artists with any skills, including Presenters, Actors, VO, Models, Photographers, Dancers, Musicians and much more! We have a good success levels in the area of Adverts, and supporting/walk on roles for Actors. 


Where is based? 

We're based in the heart of the Irish Film industry with offices in Ardmore Studios, Wicklow & Troy Studios, Limerick. 


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