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People of Muslim Faith Required for new Tv Sitcom 'Faithless' starring Baz Ashmawy

Posted: March 31, 2023

Deadline: April 30, 2023

Role Information

People of Muslim Faith Required for new Tv Sitcom 'Faithless' starring Baz Ashmawy

We are casting people of Muslim Faith for a heart warming new 6 part Sitcom TV series 'Faithless' co written and starring Baz Ashmawy. It follows Irish- Egyptian dad Sam, who is presented with the life altering responsibility of raising his three daughter alone. That is until his irresponsible but irresistible brother moves in to 'help'. But never leaves.

We are looking for Men, women and kids with a knowledge of Muslim prayers and practices and also happy to provide and wear their own religious garments.

Women -Hjab, Dupatta, Scheila, Al- Amir, Chimar, Chador, Niqab, Bushiya, Burka Abaya.

Men- Thobe, Bisht, Islamic caps. Shooting will take place in Wicklow from mid April to late May.

Please include a Head shot and full length photo when applying.

THIS IS PAID- Further details will be given on application.


Gender: Men and Women

Age: All Ages


Location: S Dublin, Wicklow

Shoot Date: Mid April - late May

Other Opportunities

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