AIDA Fri Dec 4th


Aida is one of the greatest operas ever written. It's the story of an Eithiopian princess whose love for an Egyptian soldier is complicated by the fact that the two countries are at war with each other and Aida's love rival is the Pharaoh's daughter.

Verdi's famous opera will be performed, with spectacular effect, at the O2 Arena in Dublin on the 4th of December.

The venue will be transformed for the performance with a 12 metre high pyramid, palm trees and statutes of Egyptian figures dominating the stage.

They are looking for 100 volunteers to take part in the show on Fri 4th of December. The 100 volunteers will be slaves on the night. They will walk on, as a group. They will then divide into two groups - one of the groups will sit down on stage for a short while. The other half will walk straight off again.

Participants must be over 18. There are no other requirements - gender doesn't matter; height, colour etc doesn't matter. They won't have to talk or sing or act.

The selection process will take place from 6 to 7pm today, Monday Nov 30th, at the conference centre in the Burlington Hotel.   Those selected will be asked to stay behind till 9pm.

A Rehearsal is then organised for Tuesday Evening at 19.10 pm till 22.30 pm at The Teachers Club, 6 Parnell Square, Dublin 1.  

The Stage Director will inform you then of the next rehearsal and the times you will be required at the 02.

Everyone who is taking part will be asked to go to Belfast as they will be trained up with their walk on parts.  We will arrange transport to Belfast from the Burlington hotel and back after the show.

There is no pay for this production. Food allowance will be provided at Belfast for you.

Each volunteer taking part will receive a pair of tickets to the show at the 02 & if they want the same for Belfast.

Thanks & Regards

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