Male Actor lead age, 18-25, for a 10 minute short film

Posted: 24/02/2020 , by Aoife

Deadline: 27/02/2020

Role Information

Roles: Audience,Other

Details of Role

Our short film is set in 1980's Ireland in a small town in Monaghan. Erin Conway, a young local girl finds out the shocking news that she is pregnant. Facing a backlash from the town, Mary Conway turns her daughter away putting a strain on their relationship. Erin faces a difficult realisation that she might be alone during this troubling time without the support of her family. Erin turns to the one person that will help her this most, her boyfriend John Kerrigan. The couple decides to start there life together, earlier than expected and run away to Dublin. Mary is faced with the difficult decision to save her relationship with her daughter or stay innocent in the public eye.

We're looking for our lead character of John, it is a student short film, its an unpaid role but we are covering travel expenses. If you are interested please email me and i will send you a scene of our script, and as soon as you can send us a video of you reciting the lines.

How to apply

Application for this role has expired.

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