Spanish Speaking Actress 50-60's - Short Film

Posted: 11/06/2018 , by Maeve Martin

Deadline: 01/07/2018

Role Information

Roles: Other

We're casting for a lead role in a short film. 

We are looking for South American and Spanish actresses for a LEAD ROLE  in a short film. 



  • Female 
  • Nationality: Spanish/South American
  • Age: between 50's-60's
  • Good acting experience
  • Be able to do a Venezuelan accent 


  • Shooting will take place at the end of summer 2018
  • Exact date TBC

To apply, simply fill in an application below. 


*If you are born outside the EU / EEA states, we require proof of your Right to Work in Ireland. 
Without this proof we CANNOT consider you for opportunities on set. 
See for details.

Please note that you are only applying for this specific role, if you wish to be considered for all the other productions that we work with, you can Register Online


How to apply

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Enquiries should be referred to: Maeve Martin

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