Studio Audience Tickets for Ray D'Arcy Show

Posted: 09/03/2018

Deadline: 23/04/2018

Role Information

Roles: Audience

Location: Dublin

As the demand for tickets outstrips the number of seats available for the show, regrettably, we cannot guarantee that every applicant will receive tickets. To be fair and to ensure that everyone has an equal chance, we allocate available tickets on a random selection basis. However, on occasion, RTÉ may use the information submitted to match audiences to particular shows.

Please fill in the form and apply only once as this will be kept on file from Sept 2017 - May 2018. MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS WILL DISQUALIFY YOU

Should your application be successful, we will contact you by email or phone.

We would like to know a little bit about our audience guests, so please take a few moments to fill out this short questionnaire. ANSWERS TO SOME OF THE QUESTIONS ON THIS FORM ARE MANDATORY – AND THESE ARE MARKED WITH AN ASTERISK (*). APPLICANTS HAVE THE OPTION OF NOT ANSWERING THE REMAINING QUESTIONS. All information will be treated as private and in a confidential manner. Information is used for the purpose of ticket allocation and producing the Ray D’Arcy Show. Email addresses and phone numbers are required as RTÉ may contact applicants prior to ticket allocation in order to verify information and availability of the applicant and/or guests, as the case may be.


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