- Into the Badlands BATTLE SCENE

Posted: 10/08/2017

Deadline: 24/08/2017

Role Information

Roles: Participants

Location: Wicklow

Details of Role

Fancy fighting in the most EPIC battle scene of 2017??

We're casting for a MASSIVE battle to be shot in early September on Into the Badlands and we're looking for warriors!! If you missed out on your shot at Battle of the Bastards, Ragnar v Rollo or the battle for Kattegat then now is your chance to be involved in an even deadlier battle scene!!!

We're looking for LOADS & LOADS of Men and Women to become trained assassins & warriors for one of the biggest and most deadly scenes of Into the Badlands Season 3...

Gender: Men & Women
Ages: 18 - 45
Look: No Experience Needed - People of Asian, Black, South East Asian and multi racial looks.
Also, casting for experienced Martial Artists, Dancers, Gymnasts with any look
Dates: 1 or 2 days during the first week of September
Location: Wicklow

To register for the battle, simply fill in an application form via the link below

Please share this with anyone that might want a taste of life on set ;)

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