- Child Body Double Casting Horror Film

Posted: 17/06/2017 , by John

Deadline: 24/06/2017

Role Information

Roles: Participants

Location: Kildare & Wicklow

Details of Role

We're looking for a young boy/girl to play the body/picture double of a lead actor in an upcoming Horror Film.

The actor in question is about 8 years old but slight for his age so we are open to kids at the same size regardless of age.

MUST have good availability from June 26th - July 30th. Schedule hasn't been finalised but this could be a lot of days on set so a super opportunity.

Height: 130cm
Chest: 58cm
Waist: 60cm
Inside leg: 56cm
Hip to floor: 74cm
Shoe size: 1 and a half
Hair: Just above shoulder length

The first two weeks will be based in Kildare, the last two weeks will be North County Wicklow.

Please note that these measurements are a guide so in and around these measurements is great. Hair is not critically important but would be advantageous.

No experience is required but please let us know if you have on set experience. Also, please be aware that this is a horror film so child must have a good disposition for horror :)

Paid role if cast.

To apply, simply fill in an application form through the link below:

Please fill the form with the name and details of the child applying but ensure that all contact details are that of the Parent/Guardian.

If you are a member of and wish to be considered, please email and ensure that your profile is up to date.

How to apply



Enquiries should be referred to: John

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