- Casting Supporting Roles in New Feature Film

Posted: 26/04/2017

Deadline: 03/05/2017

Role Information

Roles: Participants

Location: Dublin & Galway

Details of Role

Casting for Supporting roles in a new Feature Film and looking for applicants who fit the following briefs.

1: A Russian male (heavy built) in his 70s (70-75yrs) (Must be able to speak with East European Accent)
Heavily built, tanned and dresses like a 20 year old. He enjoys teasing the likes of other cast as he clearly knows how to push their buttons. Major Flirt. Large supporting role.

2: A heavily bearded man with a UK or USA accent in his 80s.
He is a heavily bearded English man (might also be American) and in a wheel chair. Very much part of the gang but is consistently zoned out. He could be described as senile. Large supporting role.

3: An elderly man (70-80s) who is Nordic/Scandinavian. (Nordic Accent or ability to do excellent Scandinavian Accent)
He looks like an old Nordic Zeus and can create thunder with his hammer. He is also a nifty Irish dancer. Supporting Role.

4. A lady who looks 100 yrs old to deliver 2 lines.
She is seen celebrating her hundredth birthday. She is frail and sweet but has had her powers downwardly managed. 2 lines – one scene.

Casting Dates: 2nd & 3rd May 2017
Shoot Dates: 12th June for 4 weeks (shoot dates are subject to slight change) - May or may not be required for all 4 weeks.
Location: Dublin/Galway

To apply, simply fill in an application via the link below.
Form: (copy and paste into search bar)

On your application form, please indicate the role you wish to be considered for, acting experience and any dates that you may not be available to shoot on.

How to apply



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