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Posted: 17/04/2017 , by Amy Redmond

Deadline: 25/04/2017

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Do television and film fascinate you? Do you enjoy coming up with storylines and great characters? Need some help to get cracking? The aim of this course is to equip you with the essential tools to write your first short screenplay. Each week we will focus on different areas of screenwriting; what it means to be a writer, character building, structure, conflict, subtext and dialogue, Loglines/Pitches. Through fun and practical solo and group exercises, you will build your short character-based screenplay and discover the enjoyment of getting to know the process of creating the world in which your characters live and breathe.

Our new 6-week Beginners’ Screenwriting Course is starting in Temple Bar on Tuesday, Aprl 25th, 2017 and runs until Tuesday, May 30th, 2017.

How to apply

Company: Act The Maggot

Enquiries should be referred to: Amy Redmond

Phone: 087 374 4926


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