Female Actor for regular, paid acting work

Posted: 10/01/2017 , by Shay Linehan

Deadline: 25/01/2017

Role Information

Roles: Participants

Location: Dalkey town, Co. Dublin

Details of Role

Deilg Inis Living History Theatre Company is seeking a full-time Actor to animate female roles for our Medieval Living History Programme in Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre. Duties: • Performing in Deilg Inis productions • Participating in Deilg Inis’ community service projects • Attending rehearsals on a daily basis as called by Director/Manager • Researching and developing historical characters for use as required in on-going programmes of Living History at Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre and elsewhere • Researching and developing plays/excerpts for productions and projects • Assisting in the promotion of the ideas and work of the company • Participating in training and development provided • Facilitating workshops on behalf of the company

Candidate Requirements


Minimum Experience Required (Years) : 2 Years of Other artistic and cultural associate professionals Experience

Minimum Qualification : Level 4 (incl Leaving Certificate/ Leaving Certificate Applied/ Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme)
Ability Skills : Creativity , Hospitality , Interpersonal Skills
Competency Skills : Collaboration , Flexibility , Initiative , Teamwork .
Additional Skills : Any Additional Skills
Specialising In : acting
Job Description & Skills Required

How to apply

Company: Deilg Inis Theatre Company

Web-site: www.deilginis.com

Enquiries should be referred to: Shay Linehan

Email: deilginis@msn.com

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