AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Majella Lyons.jpg  

"I joined Movie Extras in September 2014 and I have to say it was the best decision i have made!! Everyone who works their is so so friendly and totally puts you at ease. You are not just a number and that is very important! They are very professional and always make sure their extras are well looked after. I have been doing it over a year now so the nerves are well gone and I hope for this year coming to learn and do more new things!! I have gained a lot of experience being an extra and know all the do's and dont's and will always give every job my very best shot, I am representing the team and would never let them down. I would like to do more commercial work and be a special extra going forward.. Go for it people!!!"  

Majella Lyons - A Dangerous Fortune; 
Fair City; Sacrifice; Fir Bolg

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Eddie Corry.jpg   "I joined MovieExtras about a year ago. Previously I have been on stage in plays and musicals. MovieExtras has enhanced all of that for me,you are always made feel welcome on set be it film or tv like Fair City and they encourage you and the talent you may exhibit. I would recommend MovieExtras as a way to broaden your horizons and meet new friends and famous people."


Eddie Corry - Love/ Hate; My Name is Emily; Sacrifice; The Secret Scripture; Fair City; Clean Break; Republic of Telly; Tesco Mobile commercial; Credit Union commercial

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Maria Doyle.jpg  

"I've been a member for 4 years now and have really enjoyed most of my days on set. I love working on Fair City where I have made some great friends over the years. It's a stress free job once you follow the floor manager/AD instructions where you can have lots of fun without taking your work home with you. I look forward to many more years on set!"


Maria Doyle - Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie; Fair City; The Mario Rosenstock Show; Birds Across the Straight; Gold; Love Rosie; Red Rock

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Derek Burford.jpg  

"Have been lucky enough to meet some world class actors while on set never had a bad day out even went out for a beer with ray winston while he was here filming moonfleet some great people who work for movieextras professional all the way."


Derek Burford - Little Grey Fergie; Fair City; Love/Hate; I.T.; Red Rock; Clean Break; Moonfleet; The Fixer

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Serena Barnes.jpg  

"I absolutely love it! Watching the crew and their attention to detail is amazing. This is the only job I had where I don't mind getting up early! I get to play dress up and and have my meals handed to me. I hope M.E. don't get tired of me cos I don't think I'll ever get tired of this job! I should have joined years ago!"


Serena Barnes - Penny Dreadful I & II; A Dangerous Fortune; Clean Break; Wait For Me, My Name is Emily; Ripper St III; The Secret Scripture

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Patrick Twomey.jpg  

"Joined Movie Extras a number of years ago and always look forward to receiving a text be it for Fair City or casting for adverts. I love the opportunities that being with Movie Extras can create and no matter how small a part as a extra it's a great atmosphere on set and of course you get to meet so many wonderful people along any journey you may take"


Patrick Twomey - Fair City; Primeval

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    

"My first job was within two days of joining in May 2009, it was on the set of RAW and I had a featured part in the Restaurant as my birthday. This led on to Fair City where I've had six amazing years as an extra and featured roles such as Hungry Pig Chef, people have recognised me from the show in pubs and whilst walking in Stephen's Green which is so cool, who say's extras are just background!!! Highlights would be 1- Waiter on Quirke and had a line with Gabriel Byrne. 2- John Boys pal on LOVE/HATE sitting beside him when he got shot. 3- Centra training video lots of Dialogue playing store manager. Thank you MovieExtras :)"

Craig Boyle - Fair City; Raw; Treasure Island; Titanic Blood and Steel

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Patricia Collier.jpg

"MovieExtras reminds me of the movie ( The Chronicles of Narnia) You enter into a world of fantasy,maybe another time, if it is a costume drama,that is a great experience. I have such lovely memories,of great days out on set,working as a team with such friendly, talented, gifted people. MovieExtras are a very professional efficient,courteous company. I recommend that anyone age regardless !!! should join. Thank you guys."

Patricia O'Brien Collier - Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie; Penny Dreadful; Ripper Street

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Lorcan White.jpg  

"My experience has been very positive. I have made a lot of friends on different sets but the most enjoyable thing was watching the professionals work both behind and infront of the camera."

Lorcan White - Red Rock; Clean Break; Secret Scripture; Fair City; The Guarantee

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Deirdre Sweeney.jpg  

"I have been an extra for the last 7 years and love it. I've been involved in movies, dramas,adverts,TV campaigns and many more. Through ME my confidence has build and I realized my potential in front of the camera. I have meet Gabriel Byrne, Nicky Byrne, Brendan Gleeson to mention a few famous people. Also as all extras are on a database producers & directors can select you from this and I have got nice jobs through it. What I love is you never know what exciting job is around the corner & all the staff at Movie Extras are very helpful and kind."

Deirdre Sweeney - Republic of Telly; The Secret Scripture; Calvery; Love Rosie

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Peter McCormack.jpg  

"I have been a member of movieextras for the past 7 years. I have had fantastic times on many different sets over these years. I would recommend movieextra to anybody, as I have had great experiences dealing with the staff. Very friendly and reliable."

Peter McCormack - Titanic Blood and Steel; Love/Hate; Reabhloid

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
John Tyrrell.jpg  

"Since joining Movieextras in late 2013 i have had many days on set as an extra and always had a great day getting involved in a shoot. Everybody is great to work with and i would recommend movieextras too anybody as they are a very professional company. I also had opportunity to use my car on set a few times."

John Tyrrell - The Lobster; Fair City; Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Peter Robbie.jpg  

"Altogether a most fantastic experience. From the very first moment at the location, the buzz is just awesome. The other extras are friendly and helpful and you just never know who you might see on set. The members handbook is a vital piece of reading and helps answer your first questions and puts you at ease. I would thoroughly recommend joining this brilliant organisation."

Peter Robbie - The Widower; Ripper Street; Penny Dreadful; The Legend of Longwood

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    

"Delighted to be part of the MovieExtras team of extras. It’s an underestimated source of not only networking but income and at the same time enjoying meeting other like minded individuals not to mention award winning cast members from Fair City, TRAVIA, RAW, 24 hours to Kill, Mrs. Brown Boys D movie, RTE promo, Charlie, Love/Hate were I played a featured extra as a politician which I don’t know which is worst, playing a bad guy or Politician.

The first major production I started on was Titanic: Blood & Steel where I played a featured extra as a tote at the race trace. There I went on to play many other featured extras such as a businessman on Fair City where I enjoyed sharing the TV screen with Dermot Fahey ( Seamus Power ), Decco Bishop ( David O’Sullivan ), Niamh Cassidy ( Clelia Murphy ) Paul Brennan ( Tony Tormey ).

It’s always nice to meet up with other familiar extras you get to know and the joy of conversations we have and the many friendships that have formed over time. Thanks to Movie Extras for providing the opportunity to be of service even for photo shoot events such as PM Group, Irish Rail, DCU, etc, as it’s been such a wonderful experience to be part of."

Gregory Whelan - Charlie; Love/Hate, RAW; 24 Hours to Kill

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Denis Duffy.jpg   "I retired from work a couple of years ago and my daughter suggested I join Movie Extras. I had been involved in plays & musicals most of my life so I joined. The people I have dealt with in Movie extras are fantastic so thank you Don, Claudine and the rest of the crew. Have made friends on location. I was on the way home from Penny Dreadful when the director came after me & asked me to stay for a couple more scenes. I was asked if I would like to say a few lines in one of the scenes."

Denis Duffy - Ripper St; Romantic Road; Wild; Moone Boy; Raw; Republic of Telly; Penny Dreadful.
AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Damian O'Doherty.jpg   "Its been great. Met Gabriel Byrne amongst others. Great meeting folk from all walks of life. Long may it continue."

Damian O'Doherty - Ripper St; Rebellion; Red Rock; The Secret Scripture; A Dangerous Fortune; Love/Hate; Charlie; Foyles War
AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Christine Cotter.jpg  

"Since I joined ME about three years ago I have worked on numerous productions such as Primeval, Vexed, Fair City and The Tudors. The ME staff is great, very efficient and helpful. The work is interesting, fun and varied. Famous people I've met include Glenn Close, Eddie Izard, Joseph Fiennes and Sean Penn. Over the past few months I've been a leg exercise model on 4 Live, an asylum inmate on Ripper Street and on Fair City I was a special extra with a couple of lines and even a character name! Many actors don't have that variety in their roles!"

Christine Cotter - Fair City; Vexed; Ripper Street; Crisis Eile; Flowers of Desire; I am Tiger; This must be the Place; Death of a Superhero; Lotto commercial; Guinness commercial; Treasure Island; RAW; LoveHate

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Adrian Murphy.jpg   "I've been with MovieExtras.ie on and off for the past ten years. It's been a blast, every shoot is different and you never know who you'll meet or work with, or what you'll be doing until you get the text or call. My best role was playing a pilot for an edition of "Scannal", I got to fly a simulator!!! Being an extra is a great dinner party/ first date story, especially when telling friends who you've worked with, me? Brosnan, Rhys-Meyers, Brenda Fricker, O’Dowd, Johhny Vegas, Julianne Moore, Simon Deleaney, Cate Blanchett and Anna Friel, too name a few.ts been great. Met Gabriel Byrne amongst others. Great meeting folk from all walks of life. Long may it continue."

Adrian Murphy - Undeniable; Penny Dreadful; Moone Boy; Raw  
 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    

AT Alexandra.jpg


"I've been with MovieExtras.ie for just over a year now and it's been a fantastic experience. Initially, I was very nervous but took the bull by the horns, as they say, and went to the photoshoot in the Westbury. It was the best present I've ever given myself. The MovieExtras people were so friendly and helpful. Being on set or location is great fun, and you get to know some great people.

I particularly love doing Fair City. The cast and crew are a very friendly bunch, and don't make you feel inferior!! The young guy Stephen, who looks after the extras, is a pet, and really easy to talk to, which is good if you're a newbie. If you're a special extra, you get to go to make-up and wardrobe, and really get to feel part of it all.

I haven't met any really famous stars yet, but I have applied to The Tudors so I live in hope. I love being an extra and would recommend it to everyone!!!"

Alexandra Brennan - Fair City; Red Rock; Penny Dreadful

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Ronan Johns.jpg  

"ME has been a really great experience over the last 4/5 years. Being an extra has been a learning experience. The most important lesson I've learned is that you can NEVER have enough layers! Spotting the celebrities is always fun but I like to see how the whole operation of filming works more. So much work goes into everything and it really is about the small details that make or break a scene!

I've been in a good mix of shows. To name some of the more memorable jobs: George Gently, Stardust, Fair City, The Tudors, an o2 advertisement, a Tg4 short but the most exciting thing to happen to me was receiving a call from Director, Declan Eames, asking me to take part in a documentary called Garda ar Lár, which detailed the deaths of the country's Garda Síochána since the foundation of the state. I was asked to play the part of Garda recruit, Gary Sheehan, who was tragically killed in an attempt to find a kidnapped Don Tidey.

I was honoured to be involved in this tribute to lives lost. The filming of the show was great and really memorable!"

Ronan Johns - Penny Dreadful; Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie; Love/Hate; Raw

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Rose Daly.jpg  

"I joined MovieExtras.ie in June 09, within a couple of weeks I was called to be an extra on Fair City(which I've done a couple more times since then), really enjoyed being on set, everyone was really lovely, great atmosphere - I'd like to see some of the actors out - takes...some were hilarious! I'd recommend anyone to join MovieExtras.ie... my only regret is that I didn't join years ago!"

Rose Daly - Fair City; Legends of Longwood; Mrs Brown's Boys; Gold; Moone Boy; Ek Tha Tiger; 

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Rachel Nowluck.jpg  

"I became a member of movie extras 2 years ago. When renewing this year I did a family membership for another two years because I am sure my family will enjoy being a part of movie extras just like I have."

Rachel Nowluck
 - Ripper Street; Penny Dreadful; Fair City; Flowers of Desire; Moone Boy; Ek Tha Tiger; RAW

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Cormac.jpg  

"My first job, on the first day I open the door to makeup and am met with a big smile and a "Good Morning" from Martin Shaw followed by a "Hello" and a shared "Aww Fluck"! when he fluffed from Tim McInerney. Pure entertainment. I love it here. Also being on George Gently, Fair City, Val Falvey, Raw, a secret ad to be revealed and The Tudors."

Cormac O'Donovan - Raw; Trivia; Fair City

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Katie.jpg  

"I'm really glad I joined MovieExtras.ie this year. It brings people of all talents and backgrounds together and offers them invaluable insight into the world of television and the work that goes into various media productions.

I find it fascinating to watch all the behind the scenes action and it's an amazing way to meet all kinds of people; that is the aspect I enjoy the most. I have met so many charismatic, funny and all round decent people from doing extra work. And the funny thing is, I always find the extras have more of a laugh than the main actors themselves, there is just always such a great atmosphere on set and being an extra means you get to work on an array of projects; each day is a completely new and exciting experience."

Katie O'Flynn - Love/Hate; Fair City

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Manish Luthra.jpg  

"MovieExtras.ie is great. Every thing is briliant and every body is helpful and kind. I haven't done much shooting but whnever I have worked it was great and i haven't met any big stars yet but I have met 2 Fair City people and they were very kind to me."

Manish Luthra - A Dangerous Fortune; The Widower; The Ice Cream Girls

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Paul Martin.jpg  

"To be involved with productions has been of great interest and an experience for me. So far, being involved with Fair City, RAW, and The Tudors, has brought me into contact with many new aquaintances.

Being involved with a production, and being called for another on the same day of the shoot has been frustrating.  For George Gently, I was on a ferry for The Tudors, I was on RAW for the new Daragh O'Hanlon comedy all of which I would love to have been involved with. As for The Tudors - Jonathon has a great knack of comic interaction with his fellow artists, and great professionalism along with an ability to put one at one's ease.

ME is a great way of fullfilling ones dream. Keep up the good work. I hope to be involved more and more for personal satisfaction."

Paul Martin Jesseau - Raw; Fair City

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Jacqui.jpg  

"I have been a member since 2006 and the experience that I have gained has been invaluable, I really got a greater understanding of and an inside look at how the industry works, I've met some great people along the way, have landed tonnes of lead roles, in commercials, music videos, short films, tv programmes as well as Presented staff training dvd's which led on to my full time career as a Presenter, which is my first love.  I presented a web music channel for 2 years and now present a Health and lifestyle show on Near fm and all because Movie Extras.ie gave me the confidence to go for it!!"

Jacqui Carroll - Frank; Ek Tha Tiger; Amber; Primeval; 24 Hours to Kill

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Marisa Armstrong.jpg  

"I found MovieExtras.ie a very efficient site, good in updating news and easy to read also lots and lots of tips and oppurtunities for knowing what's going on out there in the industry. Keep up the good work."

Marisa Armstrong - Primeval; Fair City

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Philip Bautista.jpg  

"Well, its quite an experience coz you'll have a chance to work and meet big stars, the biggest I met so far was 50 Cents.....experience wise, it's a lot of fun......I have been involved in Fair City, Honeymooners, Get Rich or Die trying, Tigers Tail, Fallout, Guiness, O2 Golf."

Philip Bautista - Fair City; The Widower

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Irina Kuksova.jpg  

"Ever wanted to be personally greeted by a King, rub shoulders with a prominent politician, be groomed and catered for – AND get paid for that? MovieExtras can help you as they helped me*! *Unfortunately, the only King and politician I was provided were Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Ardal O'Hanlon (Father Ted), but I got over it…"

Irina Kuksova - Wait for me; Clean Break; Fair City; Titanic: Blood and Steel; Ek Tha Tiger

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Conall Charleton.jpg  

"I have been an extra with MovieExtras.ie over the past couple of months and have been involved in many different productions including Fair City, RAW and George Gently and have gained a lot of experience on set."

Conall Charleton - Ek Tha Tiger; Fair City; Raw; Parked

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Sarah Becker.jpg   "Hi i joined Movie Extras for fun with my kids and of course the extra money does come in handy too. The people in Movie Extras are amazing always very friendly, welcoming and there to help you through the whole process. My kids and i had endless fun when we were involved in filming for Irish Ferries everyone was so kind and helpful we had a ball. We all loved being extras in Fair City and George Gently and watching the episodes when they aired it was great craic. Thanks to Movie Extras we have a very fun filled and adventurous life.."

Sarah Becker - Love/Hate; Vexed; Fair City
AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg
 AT Noel Hartigan.jpg  

"Since I joined MovieExtras.ie I've threatened, robbed and murdered. I've driven getaway vehicles, arrested criminals, fought prisoners, condemned men to death, been in shootouts, faced down terrorists or ran away. I've met and danced with beautiful women. I've had countless wives and girlfriends. I spent a week at a wedding and wept at a funeral. I've laughed and cried and died screaming, but always miming. I've met some famous people, Pierce Brosnan, Julieanne Moore, Cillian Murphy in drag to name but a few. But mostly I had fun and made some great friends too. I'm an extra."

Noel Hartigan - Proof; Breakfast on Pluto; Tiger's Tail; Raw; George Gently; Rock Rivals; Fair City

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 Patrick Behan.jpg   I worked as an extra on Fair City on an episode going out in September to mark the Centenery of Carraigstown. The scenes were a street parade. It was a very enjoyable day, even though it rained a lot. I met Aishling O'Neill.

Patrick Behan - Ripper Street; Penny Dreadful; Fair City; Rebellion; A Dangerous Fortune; Crisis Eile
 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
Jessica Akomfrah.jpg  

"To say how great MovieExtras.ie has been for me is impossible to put in words! I joined at the end of June 09 and I've only had nothing but good experiences! From being in front of the camera, seeing and understanding how the filming process works to meeting brilliant new people of all different ages.

I would highly recommend anyone, in fact everyone to join it. Your small fee to join pays for a lifetime of experiences! Jessica x"

Jessica Akomfrah - I.T; Fair City; Between the Canals; The Apprentice

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Danille Gilsenan.jpg  

I love being a special extra on the set of fair city! I find it extremeley rewarding and thank Debbie for always doing her best to get me work!

Danielle Gilsenan

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Dean Thompson.jpg  

Brilliant for extra work. I have been on My Boy Jack, Fair City, Hibernian Advert, Desperados, Agtel, Taxi Ad and George Gently.

Dean Thompson

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Seamus Foley.jpg  

My best experience was when MovieExtras.ie told me about the film Leap Year which was being filimed in Ireland and I managed to become an extra on it. The scene was in Sinnotts pub in Dublin and I played a Boston Fan. Just before shooting John Lithgow and Amy Adams who starred in the movie had a huddle together right beside me and John Lithgow jokingly included me in their little pep talk. It was one of the most surreal and " Pinch me, am I dreaming" moments of my life!!! I'll never forget it.

Have been involved with Podge and Rodge, Fair City, George Gently, Raw, Leap Year and The Tudors.

Seamus Foley

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Debbie Russell.jpg   I think MovieExtras.ie is great, I'm really delighted I registered with them in June. I have been an extra on Fair City and each time has been brilliant. I always get on great with the other extras and get to hear about their experiences. I'm always anxious to do more.

Debbie Russell
 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Arezu Tabarsi.jpg  

WELL... what can I say it's a wonderful experience. I only started from the 30th July 09 but i'm glad because I love drama and what a better way than to get involved with everybody who works behind the film eg. director, actors other extras etc. And besides being an extra you could also get into an advertisement or Modelling. You never know this could be the start of the career i've always Dreamed of.....

Arezu Tabarsi

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Ken Heaslip.jpg   Earning some money is always a good thing but MovieExtras.ie allows you to do it while meeting new people in fun settings.....including famous actors. From my own experience in "Ella Enchanted" Anne Hathaway was extremely bubbly and polite. Also, more recently on "The Tudors" set, Jonathan Rhys Meyers applauded the extras in spite of us playfully teasing him when he slipped up on a line! It's nice to be appreciated.

Experience includes: Moore Street Mosaca, Ella Enchanted, The Tudors, Raw, Sensation.

Ken Heslip
 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Gaye Hurley.jpg  

I joined MovieExtras.ie one year ago and am very glad I did! I think that the chance to be on a set with cast and crew is absolutely invaluable experience for any aspiring actor, director or for anybody who would like to work in the world of film and television. There is satisfaction in being part of a production, even a small part - the devil is in the detail! Working alongside Eamon Morrissey is the closest I have been to a famous actor!

Gaye Hurley

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT vinney dooley.jpg  

I've been a member now since 2004/5 and can honestly say it's been a ball. I've met so many people and have had some great experiences. Since Fair City has come on line it's even got better. Fair City is like one big happy family. After a while you get to feel like you 're an actual local whether it be in McCoys or on the street and all the main actors really make you feel at home.

On other productions I've gotten to work with Brendan Gleeson, Ciaran Hinds, Christopher Lee, Colin Farrell, Martin Shaw and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. So keep up the good work guys and keep those availability checks coming!!!

Been busy with Stardust, A Tigers Tail, 32A, Killinascully, Janey Mary, Rock Rivals, George Gently 2008, Whistleblower, Better The Angel You Know, Triage, Happy Ever Afters, The Tudors, Father & Son - The Return, George Gently 2009 and Fair City.

Vinny Dooley

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
AT James McGee.jpg

Since I joined MovieExtras.ie they have been very good to me. Debbie & Claudine have given me so much work it's unreal. Anythime they text me I always text them back yes and they get back to me straight away with the details of where the gig is on. I have never let them down and I don't plan to. Just like any business they too have to make money as well.

I have so much fun on the gigs that I go to and u meet great people on them as well. That's what I loved about working on Fair City, Raw, Between the canals, George Gently, Guinness ad, Fifa ad and Flash stunt mob phone ad.

James McGee

AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg
 AT Ray Leahy.jpg  

Very rewarding working with Movie Extras. A professional and efficient service.I have been involved with Raw. George Gently. Val Falvey TD. &  Fair City.

Ray Leahy

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Hilary Williams.jpg  

As an elder lemon no "extra" ! I have had mainly good to great experiences, We are looked after really well, well fed, housed in a bus between takes, taken out groomed and dressed till we sparkle the part, led with kindness to the site where we perform to instructions, sometimes going over and over our Takes, We learn to know the calls "action" and we`re alert and keen and ready, "Its a take" and we can relax or return to our bus.

The days are filled with chatting to others, reading, meeting the odd STAR but they are only US but further up the path... I did meet some but I actually think its a privalage for them to meet us not the other way around, Senator David Norris was funny, Dathai O Hanlon was nice too, Sinead Cusack was an other. The only part I am not fond of is the early starts and the sometimes scary drives on moterways in fog and ice not knowing when to turn off, I now have a sat nav so hope I can navigate better.

I enjoy sunny outdoor locations, of which I have only had one, I am not too fond of inner city street or pub interiers, Dublin Zoo was freezing at below 6 degrees, but it all adds up to experience, not huge money but better than sitting in and watching Big Brother or doing the Ironing.

I've worked on The Whistle Blower, George Gently, (Twice) Raw, Fair City, Hibernian Aviva Add, Science Doc, Aging RTE, some more but can't remember all names, see my profile. "Badly Drawn Roy" The Investigators, rte. science doc. Aging. Cracks

Hilary Williams

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Jimmy MacDermot.jpg  

I really enjoyed my various incarnations from whiskers on the OCS to burying the pedophile dressed as a vicar in George Gently to rubbing shoulders with sexy carol in Fair City.

I have been on the OCS, George Gently x 2 Fair City numerous plus car..CIE training ..Informers [tg4] Rock Rivals numerous..hand cream add test.. etc??

Jimmy MacDermot

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Joe Kearney.jpg  

I am retired, and joined MovieExtras.ie, a few years ago, I have been in amature drama, acting and directing. MovieExtras.ie is run and staffed by the most friendly people, who go out of their way to listen and help you. Being an extra on a movie set is so interesting, watching scenes been created, the lighting, sound people, and of course the actors.

My nice moment to remember, was dressed as a priest, hearing Juno Temples confession in a movie "Cracks", she talked to me and was humming a song and I said you should do a musical, she replied, Joe I might just do that. When I get the " are you available " text, I can't wait to reply "YES". 

The productions I a have been involved with are GEORGE GENTLY,CRACKS,LEAP YEAR,HAPPY EVER AFTERS,FAIR CITY AND OTHERS Including an Ad.

Joe Kearney

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT David O'Neill.jpg  

I think MovieExtras.ie is a great opportunity for anybody curious about film and television to find out what goes on behind the scenes. Personally it's been great for an aspiring actor like myself to gain experience and find out the workings of a set. I've also met alot of interesting people some of which I've become good friends and kept in contact with.  I have worked on RAW, Prime Time, Happy Ever Afters, Fair City, Leap Year, Podge & Rodge

David O'Neill

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Fola O Grady.jpg  

Extra work is a great way to spend a day, very different and entertaining. Movie Extras.ie explains the process very clearly and made me feel confident and secure about doing the right thing in the presence of 'the stars'!

Fola O'Grady

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Zita Philpott.jpg  

My experience with MovieExtras.ie has been nothing but that of a pleasure and everyone I have dealt with inside MovieExtras.ie itself have been very supportive, helpful and extremely approachable. I had the great experience of being a double for the lead actress in BBC's George Gently, my part entailed me lying in freezing cold sea water over and over but it was surprisingly so enjoyable;) the cast and crew were so friendly and caring, I didn't get a smile from Jonathan but I did from Lee Ingleby which was just as satisfying!!! every other project ie. Guinness advert, Fair City etc. I can utter the same about.

The whole experience summed up? Fun, interesting and well worth signing up, always a good experience. Thank you x

I have been involved with George Gently, Fair City, Guinness Advert and modelling jobs.

Zita Philpott

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Joe Scully.jpg  

I joined MovieExtras.ie one year ago and I have to say i'm sorry I didn't join sooner. There's always a laugh with the other Extras and I love seeing how things are done behind the camera.

It really is an experience and a great little hobbie in your spare time. I met a few famous people over the last year like Amy Adams, Mark Williams, Ardal O'Hanlon and Martin Shaw to name a few.

I've been on an Aviva Advert, George Gently, Fair City, Runners (Short Film), Happy Ever Afters, Leap Year, Val Falvey TD, Reduxe.

Joe Scully

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 AT Paul Arnold.jpg  

I am with ME only since January this year but have been involved in Fair City/George Gently/Val Falvey/Raw and two commercials.

The funniest day was late into the evening shooting a "gay bar" scene for Raw. There was a group of 12 guys (all straight..I think ;-) and I knew one of them from outside ME, it was the funniest experience making passes at guys and shaking the bum in a late pub...! no, it didn't tempt me... lol just fun Look forward to working on lots more sets...Fair Cityx3/George Gently/Val Falvey/Raw/Guinness add/Apprentice, applebys add.

Paul Arnold

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Nicola Sedgwick.jpg  

You never know what is going to happen, and that is the fun part of it all. The experience is so different every time. Re, other extras, it is great to meet people from completely different walks of life. Many are great characters altogether.

It is certainly an education to see how the crews set everything up on all the different sets, both indoor or outdoor, and it has also been amazing to see the final shows etc. on TV and see how real it all looks! I have worked on Fair City, George Gently, Raw, Rock Rivals, Val Falvey.

Nicola Sedgwick

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Jason Cross.jpg  

MovieExtra.ie are a very professional a fair organisation. Their methods of contacting, organising and keeping candidates informed (and involved) bares testament to that professionalism. I can only describe each engagement with MovieExtra's since I joined them has been exemplary and I would hope that they view me with the same opinion.

Abide by the rules and being an extra caste via MovieExtra's is a pleasant and fun activity.

Have worked on Aislings Diary, Badly Drawn Roy, George Gently (two episodes), The Hibernian Aviva TV advert, The Guinness ‘To Arthur’ advert and Val Falvey (all in the last 12 months).

Jason Cross

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    
 AT Glenn Farrell.jpg  

"Since joining MovieExtras.ie this year my life has truly been transformed. I have just signed up for an acting course with the Gaiety school of acting and over the coming year I'm looking forward to honing my skills has an actor. Of course none of this would have come to fruition had it not been for my contact with Movie Extras.ie.

The staff at MovieExtras.ie have been nothing short of brilliant in their dealing with me; be it through e-mail or on the phone everyone I've dealt with has been extremely helpful and positive in every way and for this I'm most grateful.

I didn't know quite what to expect as an extra when I started out but found myself enthralled on set by all the goings on around me. Sometimes there is a little waiting involved, but even then I still found my self in a state of feeling inspired. All the crews I've come in contact with have been brilliant whether it was the laughs with the costume people on The Tudors or the occasional banter with the cast of Fair City or even the history lesson before or march in The Tudors; everyone and everything has been a positive learning curve.

The most memorable moment I've had to date came from The Tudors and naturally it involved a scene with the star Jothan Rheyes Myers. We were on location in a castle courtyard and the king came riding in on his red cloaked horse. In every movement and in every line he spoke Mr Myers did indeed come across has a king, it was truly surreal but honestly captivating and indeed has inspired me to try with all my heart to become as good an actor has he.

I have worked on a Guinness advert, Fair city & the Tudors."

Glen Farrell

 AA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpgAA Star 3.jpg    

If you would like to put forward your story, click here

Hi Raychel,
(a) You agree that you have not been featured in a drinks advert in Germany and Europe over the last three years
(b) If you are successful at the casting and are cast for the advert, you agree that you will ONLY be entitled to the buyout fees if your image is used in accordance with the fee amount in the published advert. Thus if your image is not used in the advert, you will only be entitled to the basic studio fee for the day of your shoot.
(c) MovieExtras.ie will represent you in all dealings in relation to this advert and any related commercial activity.
(d) You agree that MovieExtras.ie can deduct a casting fee and employers PRSI from any moneys received by MovieExtras.ie in relation to your participation.
(e) MovieExtras.ie terms and conditions as at www.movieextras.ie/member_terms.html
Casting Time: THURSDAY Jan 7th @ 5PM
LOCATION: The Courtyard Studio, 76 Irishtown Road, Dublin 4  (http://www.courtyardstudio.com/contact.html)
Becks Red Ale (German Market)
FEES - ALL FEES are net and take account of Agency fees and Employers PRSI. Personal income tax, USC, PRSI etc will be deducted from the fees below.
BSF - €245
Wardrobe - €35
Buyout - €4,200
The fees paid include holiday pay and public holiday pay where applicable.
Territory: Germany
Term: 1 Year Germany TV, Internet and PS Material 

It would be great if all people auditioning for would come to the audition dressed as the character in slim fitting, neutral clothes.


Everyone attending auditions will need to do so with NO FAKE TAN and with natural eyebrows and no foundation that is a different colour from the natural skin tone. The character is to look like the epitome of an Irish Girl complete with pale skin, curly hair, freckles and a fresh healthy glow.You will be asked to remove any heavy makeup prior to the audition.


In short…


1)Hair out/ loose and flowing and if possible soft curls


3)Makeup is allowed as long as it is the same colour as your skin tone and used sparingly



Must be over 25 by 1st Feb 2016

See attached
Finally, best of luck with it :)
Casting Executive
Ardmore Studios
Co Wicklow