Well, hello there...You may or may not believe me, but, as I write this, Im cruising at approx. 600mph, some 35,000 feet over the frozen wastes of Siberia. Sat next to me is Yuki - an impossibly polite Japanese teenager, dressed in doll cotton, who's quick to smile and even quicker to laugh, charitably, at my crude, scattershot attempts at communication.

Now, an hour or so ago, she, Yuki, spied the corner of passport stuffed awkwardly in the zip-pocket of my hand luggage. "Are you really Irish?" she asked shyly but excitedly, as if it afforded me some level of celebrity or prestige or something.

I told her that yes, I was indeed Irish. And with that she took off, at breakneck speed, on a rant about how much she loved Ireland, the culture and the "legion" (her words, not mine) of talented actors and actresses that hail from our shores. Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, Saoirse Ronan, Gabriel Byrne, Brendan Gleeson etc.& nbsp; - not only was she familiar with the big names, but also with the size and volume of their trophy cabinets, their marital status and, in one instance, the exact measurements of their inside trouser leg.

It was charming. Impossibly endearing. And just as my inner cynic went to cushion her comments with false, inherently Irish modesty, It dawned on me that, well...she was right. Irish film, and the actors who make them worth paying to see, has hit a purple patch. And, without sounding too rehearsed or chessy or the likes, this month's edition is aimed at celebrating the glut of Irish talent, both tapped and untapped, which at times we all take for granted.

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April It's A Wrap Ezine

1   What we have been up to

2   Photoshoot

3   Reelnews

4   Interview with Mark Rowe, writer of Perrier's Bounty & Intermission

5   Competition Corner

6   Interview with, Daniela Gilsenan

7   Auditions, extras needed, participants and audience

8   Movie trerms of the Month

9   Movie Review - ZONAD

10 Movie Trailers

11 Where they are now


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