Multi Cultural Extras needed

Asian, Black, Mixed Race for 100's of roles


12PM - 7PM

DRAÍOCHT THEATRE, Blanchardstown

This Open Casting is for season three of AMC's Into the Badlands AND The Widow, Neil Jordan's latest feature film set in New York City but shot in Dublin!!

Into the Badlands: The show that delivered the third highest-rated first season in U.S. cable TV history, over 2 million viewers has come back to Ireland for filming of the third season and there are 1000's of Extra roles to be cast! 

The Widow: Directed by Neil Jordan and starring Chloe Grace Moretz, Maika Monroe & Isabelle Huppert. This thriller movie will be filmed in Dublin over the coming weeks. 



We are looking for Men & Women of the following heritage for fully paid Extra roles;

  • Asian 
  • Black 
  • Latino/Hispanic  
  • Middle Eastern 
  • South East Asian
  • Dual Heritage

Please note: all other roles will be cast via the service

MINORS - Under 18

We will need some extras who are under 18, if you are interested, DO NOT ATTEND the Open Day, instead, sign up online via the REGISTER box below.



Alternatively, you can register online below

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PLEASE NOTE - If you are attending the Open Day
If you are born outside the EEA, please bring along your Right to Work information on the day
As it is an Open Day, we don't know how long you will be waiting to get your photos taken
You do NOT get paid for attending the Open Casting


We are also looking for Men & Women with Martial Arts/Combat/Stunt/Gymnastics/Dance Training for some EPIC Battle Scenes!! If cast, you'll have to attend a rehearsal day with the Badlands Stunt Team - one of this season's stunt coordinators is Rudolf Vrba - previous work includes Wonder Woman, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Thor, James Bonds, Kick Ass, Captain America and tons more!! So this is an unbelievable opportunity to work with some of the best stunt men and women in the world

  • Gender: Male & Female 
  • Age: 18-30 
  • Ethnicity: Any 
  • Males 
  • Waist: 28-36 Inch 
  • Chest: 36-46 Inch 

  • Females 
  • Height: 5ft 2 - 5ft 5 
  • Dress Size: 6-10 



Simply fill in an application form via the link below

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  • Average Pay per Day will be €100 (this includes 1-2 hours of overtime)
  • Pay ranges from €83- €130 per day 
  • Up to 5+ Days on Set per Month so you could earn up to €2,000 by Christmas!!
  • Transport will be provided from Dublin to location for early starts on Into the Badlands.
  • Filming will take place throughout Dublin & Wicklow from September 2017 to April 2018.
  • All Extras will be hired locally so you MUST be living in Ireland to apply.
  • MUST be willing to travel - transport will be provided from locations in Dublin on days with early start.
  • Days on set could start as early as 6am and could last 10 hours or more (overtime will be paid after 10 hours)
  • All roles for Into the Badlands will require a Fitting (fitting is paid and takes 1-2 hours) - Once you have been fit for a role, it is CRITICAL that you remain available for the shoot dates. (You will be made aware of shoot dates before fitting) 
  • Work could be 5 or more days a month




1. Please make sure to fill in all of the requested information. 
2. Measurements are very important so please do double check them
3. Once you have filled in an application form, you will be able to log into a temporary Membership account using your email address & password to add more information to your profile. Your PPS & Bank Details will be essential to be paid for any work done.
4. Contact details are CRITICAL. 
5. If you are from outside the EEA, we need scans of proof of your right to work - 


You will be set up with a tempoary account with You will be contacted by text, email or phone once casting begins. You may not be contacted until later in the production so please do keep that in mind. 



The AMC martial arts drama takes place centuries into the future in a feudal society called the Badlands. The cast includes Daniel Wu, Emily Beecham, Nick Frost alongside Irish actresses Orla Brady & Sarah Bolger. 

With an average viewership of over 2 million last season, it's safe to say that Into the Badlands is a massive hit for AMC! This 3rd Season will be even Bigger, Bolder and Badder!


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Frequently asked questions:

1. Do I have to have a Right to Work?

Yes, you will only be considered if you are from the EEA / EU or have a valid Right to Work to work. If are from outside the EEA (ie Brazil etc), please click here.

2. How much will I get paid?
If you get selected as an Extra, the daily rate is approx. €83 - €130 depending on hours worked. Average pay will be €100 to include overtime. With up to 5 days a month on set, you could earn €2,000 by Christmas!

3. How long is the day?
This will TOTALLY depend on what is required. It could be anything from an 8 to 16 hour day. But ALWAYS allow for a FULL day (ie finish very late in the evening)

4. How will I get paid?
In order to be considered for work, you need to have updated your bank account details on your account before hand. Payment usually takes 3 to 4 weeks after the work date and you will be paid by EFT into your bank account.

5. Will I be considered for Fair City, Little Women or other productions that works with?
No, you need to have a fully paid account (see the JOIN now tab), and attend a training session to be considered for other productions that is involved with. If you wish to upgrade your account, send an email to

6. I would love a speaking role on this production, what should I do?
Make sure you fill in as much details about yourself on your account. the more that we know about you, the greater are the chances that you could be picked for a featured role in the production.


IMPORTANT: IF you are required to be an extra for THIS production, we will contact you with further details. 

Please Note: Making an application does not guarantee you any work on this production. This promotion does not constitute contract or offer of work. All Extras will be hired locally and must have a Right to Work in Ireland.


  • Average Pay per Day will be €100 (this includes 1-2 hours of overtime)
  • Pay ranges from €83- €130 per day 
  • Up to 5+ Days on Set per Month so you could earn up to €2,000 by Christmas!!
  • Transport will be provided from Dublin to location for early starts 

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